How Much Should I Store?

How Much Should I Store?  That’s a good question.  

Why are you storing?  What is the reason you are interested in setting stores aside?

If you have not read the Why Store Food? post, I would recommend it. 

When you have determined your ‘Why” of storing food, you can then begin planning how much to store.

Food Storage is anything in your cupboard or pantry that has not been opened, prepared, cooked, planted or consumed.  So storing extra food should be a pretty simple task, since you have probably already started and haven’t realized it.

There are a several of ways to start your stores. How much to store depends upon your ‘Why’.  Some storage activities can be planned simultaneously:

Prepare a 72-96 hours Short-term Emergency Kit:

This is usually a backpack prepared with various survival items, change of clothing, open and eat meals, rolls of TP and a water filtration system or several containers of water.  The site Emergency Essentials has examples of ready-to-go-kits for emergency needs.

Ready-to-go emergency kits are kits that are packed in the car or in a quick to grab spot for those times when you have just a few minutes or hours to make your ‘escape’.  This can happen during fires and floods.  Make sure you have an easy-to-carry, fire-proof, water-proof container to store your important papers and identification information in case your residence is lost or damaged.

Temporary Bug-in Extended-Emergency Supplies:

This would be for short-term food or essential shortages due to winter conditions, hurricane preps, strikes or temporary civil disturbances.

Set aside needed, easy to prepare food, water and non-food essentials (toilet paper, hygiene and medical products), in  your home.  

Prepare a minimum of two weeks of food and water and set aside up to 3 gallons a day – per person – for drinking, cooking and sanitation.  

Make sure that there are essential items for warmth, generator fuel and cooking fuel if an emergency should happen during the winter months.

Quarter-Year Kit Preps:
3 months = 1/4 of a year

This would be for preps due to an epidemic in your local area that would shut down infrastructure and require individuals to self quarantine in order to contain the outbreak.

This type of prep is basically a minimum of 3-4 months emergency supply of food, water and non-food essentials.  Having medical and non-food essentials in your storage would greatly relieve your own discomfort  during a quarantine experience.

Planning for three months could also benefit families that have a meeting place in a different location where the bulk of their supplies are stored, but need time to plan or wait for an opportunity to leave the area.

6 Month Preps:

Yep six months of food, water and non-food essentials.

These kind of plan-ahead supplies are for the anticipation of job loss, serious civil disturbance and prolonged pandemic.  Most people, who do not plan to stay put in their city homes usually store this type of supply at the rural place where they intend to ride-out the storm.

1 Year Supply:

This is the mega supply that some people feel more comfortable storing.  

With world events in a precarious state, some people wonder what would happen if our countries infrastructure and economy failed?  What if the factories that manufacture our easy-to-eat foods had to shut down, even temporarily?  What if by some cataclysmic event, the way we live changes for a long period of time?  

Serious preppers answer their concerns and questions
by taking action and finding solutions.  

These preppers are not the fanatical media inspired stereo-types, they are everyday working folk who love their families and are sincerely worried for their wellbeing.  

These prepper live in your neighborhood, work regular jobs, get haircuts, drive cars, go to movies, enjoy vacations, celebrate holidays and love their families dearly – enough to see to their welfare in case the worse were to happen.

It is just as easy to accumulate a year supply as it is to gather two-week, 3 month or 6 month supply. 

How Much Wheat Am I Really Going To Eat? by Anne McFadden

How Much Wheat Am I Really Going To Eat? by Anne McFadden

In Section 13, the Year Supply, the question of ‘How Much Food’ is answered through easy to read charts of various types of food.  These charts show you how much food you will need based upon how much food you plan to consume.  If you need to customize the charts, simple fill-in-the-blank math formulas are provided to help you determine the exact amount of food you wish to store.  

In this book you can immediately get started on charting your way to food-storage success by following the guidelines in the charts and consistently continue in your efforts to stock up.  

Click the “Get the Book” tab on this site to start
on your food storage preps today.

May the Storage be With You.  🙂

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