I may have forgotten to stress…

As I was building App info, I began scratching my head…hmmm..the numbers are not matching my chart and my math formulas.

I started to kinda of freak out and was envisioning pulling the book, replacing copies and face palming big-time!

Freaked out over the prospect of Fixing the math, I remembered that I had rounded up the number values in the chart for easier reading and figuring, leaving the math formulas for those preppers who needed exact figures.


Of course, this poses challenges as I attempt to make a ‘user-friendly’ app.  Why can’t I just do easy things!?!  Ugh!

I am better now and if you noticed this inconsistency…it’s okay the numbers are all fine.

Visit Charts 101 to learn how to use the charts in this book.

Have a great day and May the Storage Be With You!  🙂


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