Women’s ‘Sane’-i-tory Needs

Okay guys, spoiler alert ~ this is ‘lady’-talk, so either brace yourselves for that moment of ‘awkward’ or avert your eyes now, ’cause I learned a tough lesson this week.

~ Tough Lesson Learned ~

There is a lot of advice out there for what you need to collect regarding local or pandemic situations.
All this advice is good, but I have learned than even in a non-pandemic illness there are still items that have not been stressed for stocking among the feminine population.

I had learned hands-on the importance of stocking beyond my understanding during this last bout of illness.

The first lesson I learned was the mistaken idea of : “I have enough of that.”

If you think this way ~ you’ll find out, at the worse time,
that you are seriously mistaken, and deeply IN NEED.

Running out of sanitary needs is kinda like running out of chocolate ~ but worse!

My Story:

Recently, I began to feel under the weather.
I began having the sniffles and feeling a slight malaise.
Determined to conquer this attacking foe, I took all the natural stuff I had to battle it, but what I didn’t consider was the decrepit condition of a super important body part.

Ultimately, I won the battle, but not the war.  
I didn’t get bronchitis or pneumonia, but I did get an awful upper cough that lingered for weeks afterward.

So what could possibly be worse than running out of chocolate
and honing the potential of leaving me in desperate need?

Bladder Control

It seems that illness can enhance the effects of a biological weakness.

I confess…I experienced some serious issues…yep it is embarrassing, humiliating and downright un-discussable – which is why I am talking about it.  I am very experienced with embarrassment and humiliation, and so – sigh – why not take the opportunity to be the instigator of my own fate.
I have had seven children, so my parts have been dysfunctional for sometime.

We all know, secretly, after a few kids, little sneezes promote tiny ‘leaks’.  

Soon this graduates to wearing pantyliners – just in case.

Later, like at a child’s play area or a birthday party,  we learn – the natural way – that the trampoline is no longer our ‘friend’.

But The REAL truth comes out when the coughing starts.
Q: Which is easier to control – the coughing fit or the bladder?
A: …Niether…

It’s the, ‘Oh Crap!’, moment when holding back or giving into that little sneeze in a public venue means you’ve got to tie your cute little jacket around your waist because now theres proof that your bladder is less effective than a 3 year olds!

How to conquer this terrible twist of fate?

At this point in time, luckily, adult ‘pull-ups’ are not yet the answer.

After screaming through 3 MONTHS of overnight feminine pads in ONE WEEK, I realized that I had underestimated my supply needs.  

Since illness is a ‘sure thing’ in life, and being that the body is more susceptible to illness during stressful times, increasing the supplies would be recommended.

Yes, STRESS will increase your chances of contracting a ‘coughing-fit’.

I would advise Doubling your current supply of women’s pads would assure that you have enough for those inescapable moments of embarrassment.  

A cough is no respecter of bladders.

Doubling your panty liners may help too, for lite protection in case of wee little sneezes.

For less than the cost of a couple of 72 packs of t.p. you can substantially increase your feminine products.

Don’t use pads?
I guarantee a tampon won’t fix this problem,
so my advice is to get those pads for emergency needs.


You won’t regret it

I, personally, am going to quadruple mine.

You can learn more about how much you may need by following the chart guidelines in my book:

How Much Wheat Am I Really Going to Eat ~ Section 15 – Non-Food-Essentials.

I am going back to look at the numbers and then multiply them by 4.

May the Storage be with you.  🙂

How Much Wheat Am I Really Going To Eat? by Anne McFadden

How Much Wheat Am I Really Going To Eat? by Anne McFadden


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