Rethinking the Garden Plot

My mind is not always very organized.  I usually start out with abstract and unconnected thoughts which slowly materialize into something cohesive and tactile.

It took me 2 years, of writing and rewriting my decades-long learning curve, to complete my book.  Most of the rewriting was organization ~ reorganization ~ of how I wanted my thoughts presented.     Get the Book

Now here, like with writing, a garden is an expression of our minds.  There are gardens that are neat and orderly and gardens where just about anything grows anywhere.  My gardens often fall somewhere in the between category, leaning more toward the ‘growing anywhere’ garden than anything that would appear orderly.

This video, that originally aired on a local California news channel has inspired my mind to make better use of the new garden space I have been blessed with.  Imagine what I could do with my yard space IF I were organized!

“Ever thought of growing your own food but didn’t think it was possible? It’s more that possible! It might even be the way of the future. If the Dervaes family can do it while living in Los Angeles, I think you can to.

The Dervaes family live on 1/10th of an acre 15 minutes from downtown L.A.. In itself that’s not strange. What’s crazy is that they manage to maintain a sustainable and independent urban farm. Complete with animals!

In a year they produce around 4,300 pounds of veggies, 900 chicken eggs, 1000 duck eggs, 25 lbs honey, and pounds of seasonal fruit. There are over 400 species of plants. What?! They have everything they need to ‘live off the land.’ From beets to bees. Chickens to chickpeas.” 1.

My garden area is a self watering leach field, that does not puddle or retain excess amounts of water.  Since it is on a very gentle slope, all the water that is not absorbed is directed into a ditch along the road.  I am not sure if that ditch floods, but I imagine that if there was a major downpour, a puddle or small lake may form in the roadway behind my home.

This garden appears to be a mix of permaculture and squarefoot gardening.  I really liked how they conserved water in a drought stricken environment.  They have chickens, ducks and goats to go along with their immense garden in such a tiny space.  I mean, if chickens really smelled that bad, the neighbors next door would be up in arms with the goats and ducks too.

Here is the inspiring video:



I’m starting to get my gardening mind organized…

May the Storage Be with You!

1. Source:



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