Are You Prepping for the Apocalypse???

There are so many prophetic utterances on the internet at this moment urging us to hurry and stock up because the world is going to end.


If the world is going to end, I would think that our stocking up would be a moot point, because we wouldn’t be around to enjoy it.

Reading or listening to this rhetoric really irks me, along with lumping those who think ahead for the purpose of sustaining their families during difficulties are part of the crazy few who claim that we need to kiss our touches and get ready to biff it!

First I want to assure you that the world is NOT coming to an end and that is NOT why anyone with half-a-whit would be stocking up on food.
(When something apocalyptic does occur, the earth will still be here, there will be survivors.  Life and the way we live it might change, many might die, but if you are prepped, you and your family might be among the survivors.)

Yes, the stock market is teetering, the petrodollar is in danger, earthquakes are being reported in record droves at heightened strengths across the globe, dozens of volcanoes are now active, Fukushima is still poisoning the ocean, marine life is heaving itself upon shorelines or completely decimated just offshore. 

Rumors of wars and strange military allies are crowding the headlines, military training maneuvers are being conducted on city streets, food prices are steadily on the rise and somewhere in space, there is a meteor with Earth’s name etched upon it…

These things are happening and who knows when the worst will become a reality? 
Does that really matter?  Well, that all depends on you and WHY you are storing food.

If you believe in an Apocalypse, does that make you a crazy prepper?

My personal opinion about labeling those who choose to care enough about their families to seek out their comfort and safety is wrong.

The Apocalypse for some families may be a job loss that brings them to the brink of homelessness, the terminal illness of a loved one, dealing with a loss of mobility due to accident or injury, or the loss of a vehicle that sustains the breadwinners ability to secure the means to house and feed their family.

Having 3, 6 or 12 months supply of food and non-food necessities would make a dire situation more livable.  Having food in the pantry during lean times can free up money, otherwise used for food, to pay the monthly mortgage or repair the automobile.

As for the “Apocalypse” – of course, there will be one, the book of Revelations mentions this several times…but beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the apocalypse to one may be completely altered to another – also, Revelations states that there will be survivors.

There is an internet buzz about a meteor supposedly lurking in the darkness of space, meteor strikes earthpoised to strike earth,  personally, I think the prediction is a bit sketchy – but what do I know?

Anyway, IF this meteor strikes, it definitely would be apocalyptic to anyone in its path, especially the eastern seaboard to the Appalachians and near all of Florida. 

To those in the central states, or on the western side of the continent, this would be a monumental tragedy and would certainly affect the commodities supply line, damage or eliminate the grid and possibly cause catastrophic seismic activity in many locations.

~ But to those who are not seriously affected or only lose power, or to those who are on farms or live in rural communities who have stocked up and prepared, this would not be apocalyptic, it would be expected. ~

The west coast has been bracing for the ‘Big One’ for decades. ( I doubt that there will be a grand announcement when this one gives in, nor will there be time to do much but get in a safe place.  Many will be spared and those who have will be far better off than those who have little to nothing.  If you really want to know what’s going on in your quake zone, I would recommend following: ; ; and  

Dutchsinse has been a great blessing to many across the globe because of his uncanny accuracy in scientifically predicting earthquakes.  He has been able to warn cities and countries hours and days in advance giving an opportunity for them to review their safety criteria and save many lives.  Thanks Dude. 🙂

How about the predictions for complete economic failure?
Rioting in the streets?  Retail stores looted?  Money being worthless? Banks closing?  Utilities not operable?  3rd world country?

What are YOU expecting?
What are YOU preparing for?
Should be you mocked or teased for your own foresight?

These same whiners and mockers will be the hungry ones who angrily point their finger at you when there is no food to spare and blame YOU for hoarding it, simply because you chose to methodically stash away a bit for a supposed apocalyptic day. empty store shelves
According to these food-slackers, You will have, single-handedly, created the empty shelves at the supermarket and are the reason thousands – no millions, are dying!

We know better, YOU know better.  Review your why’s, then re-commit yourself to stocking up for whatever YOUR worse-case-scenario is and then keep stocking, eating and rotating.

I would hope that you are smarter than them, that you will decide to manage your own fate and your own household by not being sucked into the “All is well, FEMA has got us covered.” mentality.  You are responsible for yourself, your family and others under your care.  

If you want motivation and help along the way – get The Book
May the Storage be with You! 🙂


How Much Wheat Am I Really Going To Eat? by Anne McFadden


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