About This Book

“How Much Wheat Am I Really Going To Eat?”

This has been the most prevalent question I have been asked
as I have assisted friends, and family with their food storage preparations.

I was often perplexed over this question, because I knew that
each persons eating habits are unique, and their diets are too.

Handing out an arbitrary list and instructing people to just follow a one-food-fits-all guideline wasn’t really teaching them much of anything, except to collect food that they may never eat, or would sit in a basement for 30 years gathering dust in hopes that some apocalyptic event would take place.

I knew that I was not helping them to ‘think-outside-the-food-storage-box’.
So I prayed and pondered about what I needed to do to be a more effective mentor to those who were trusting my food storage judgement.

This book is basically the answer I received.

“How Much Wheat Am I Really Going To Eat”
is unlike any other food storage book.

(I know this, because I could not find one book that
rewarded my quest with this kind of information.)

I have tossed aside the whole ‘in-the-box’ and created custom charts based upon how much you eat, instead of how much, and what,
someone else thinks you should eat.

These charts can be used for any food that complies to the chart .

Then follow the charts to know how much to get.

The Charts in this book tell you how much you need to get based upon
how much you think you will be consuming.

Foods you will eat today, tomorrow and next month.

Food storage is NOT a one-meal-fits-all,
nor  is it meant to be some beast loitering about in the basement,
or lounging under beds, waiting for world war three and the end of civilization.

Food storage is meant to be a living storage.  The food we eat everyday,
mingled with food that will keep us well nourished in a crisis.

I encourage you to add this book to your collection, use the charts often,
and shop in our Amazon store for the tools you will need, delivered to your door.

Thank you for visiting our site today

May The Storage Be With You. 😉

About The Author:

Anne-McFadden, author of "How Much Wheat Am I Really Going to Eat?"

Anne-McFadden, author of “How Much Wheat Am I Really Going to Eat?”

 Anne McFadden, mother of 7, and grandmother of 10+, has  been practicing the ‘art’ of food storage  for nearly 30 years.  Inspired by her grandmother and  motivated by a desire to  provide for her family in times of need,  she has enjoyed mentoring her family and anyone else who expressed an
interest in setting a bit of food aside.

Ane also works part-time as a freelance online content writer, and as a homeschool mom.  Visit her fb page: The Home Storage Helper and http://www.preparetodayfortomorrow.com for more food storage ideas and helpful hints.

Hobbies include: Music, gardening, reading, taking an occasional nap, soaking up nature on  warm days, expressing her wry sense of humor, collecting Calvin and Hobbes comic books, and being a bit scatter-brained.

 She also enjoys watching movies, thunderstorms, and drinking warm cocoa on cool days and cocoa on-ice when the weather’s a blazing.

Anne firmly believes that a well-stocked pantry is more valuable
than a well-stocked portfolio or bank account.

‘Cause, money doesn’t chew well.

Store Happy


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    • Hi Kathy,
      I hope you were able to find a copy of my book.
      Right now, on Amazon, if you have the Kindle Library, it is always free to read, or you can purchase the Kindle version at a discount until December 7th.
      Thank you for visiting!
      Anne 🙂


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