What is a Prepper?


Open can of spaghetti.

A ‘prepper‘ is a nickname for someone who prepares ahead of time for the unknown for the   purpose of securing the welfare and the welfare of their families.

Stereotypes often lead one to believe that preppers are composed of anti-social paranoid cabin dwellers with a stash of artillery and ammo in an underground bunker.  Although, there have been published reports reflecting this type of fanaticism, this is far from reality for the main body of preppers in society.

Preppers are everyday folks who work regular jobs, attend a church, shop at the store, chauffeur kids to and from various activities, celebrate holidays, fish, hunt and even watch football.

Preppers are people who care about tomorrow.
They watch the headlines and wonder – “What would we do if that happened in our neighborhood?  What IF our country were to become like Guatemala or Greece ~ clamoring for food and necessities during and economic upheaval?  Would I be able to take care of my family to avoid food lines and crowded streets filled with the unhappy and hungry?

I have authored the answer to that question, and many other questions in my book: How Much Wheat Am I Really Going to Eat?

If you have a pantry with a week or two of food to get by and a some extra gallons of water set aside in case the tap isn’t flowing, you are a prepper.

There are many scenarios and reasons why a person would want to prepare for adverse conditions. Sections 1 and two of my book outline the Why’s of prepping and the types of prepping: short-term, 6 month or long-term prepping.  Your choice on how to prep, will be determined foremost by your answer to the ‘Why’ you want to prep.

Visit the “Get The Book” tab and discover the world of prepping, how easy it is and learn whether you may have been already prepping all along.

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