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Procrastinate your procrastination and get your
New Years Food Storage Resolution Started TODAY!

Get the book that shows you exactly how much is enough for your stores.

There are LOTS of ways to get this ESSENTIAL Book:

How Much Wheat Am I Really Going To Eat? by Anne McFadden

How Much Wheat Am I Really Going To Eat? by Anne McFadden

Get the PDF:

PDF for only 5.99 now on sale for 2.99 that’s 50% the retail price!!! FREE!  Yes, that’s right, Free!
but there’s a ‘catch’…

Why am I GIVING this valuable book away for free?  Because I feel that there is little time left to prepare for economic woes about to be unleashed in our own country.   I believe that in order for you to be prepared, you have to know if you have enough stores for your family….the time is now to prepare, not later.   Procrastinate and it may be too may be one of those standing in mile long lines for government issued Soylent Green and scrimping books or old newspapers for T.P.

If you prefer the feel-good of a real book – scroll below to get a paperback copy of your own…

Click this link for your FREE PDF:
How Much Wheat Am I Really Going to Eat?

Remember to visit Charts 101 to learn more about how to use the food storage charts.

So, whats the catch???  Glad you asked! 
Yes, there is a ‘catch’
~ All I ask you to do is to please share this free PDF page
with all your social media friends ~
AND to post a review for this book on Amazon or Good Reads.
(Don’t keep a FREE book all to yourself when you could shout it from the housetops – or facebook posts and share it with the world!)

This CATCH is simple and easy!
Enjoy My Book for FREE and Tell Everybody Else How Much You Liked it
and Where They Can Get Their Own Copy!

Do you prefer a Kindle version or to have a solid book in you hands?

This Book is still available on in Kindle and Paperback,  OR…Purchase this Book Directly from my Createspace Store  for only 19.95 using the coupon code: RAEG5BMM

Either way – you are getting phenomenal knowledge at an amazing price!

If you are prepared ~ you shall not fear.

~ May the Storage Be With You.  ~



9 thoughts on “Get the Book

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  4. Shared this link with my friends on facebook in hopes that they will get their copy today. I have the softbound version and I have been reading and marking it like crazy. Thanks so much for your knowledge sharing.


    • Thank you for sharing. I am so glad you are enjoying my book. Where are you located? I am interested in the places my book is finding a home.

      This is a great time to stock up on supplies. We have been picking apples, shucking corn and working like crazy to finish some last minute stock-ups.
      The local grocery store had Pork Butt roasts on sale for 88 cents a pound recently. I bought 7 roasts, cut six of them up into 3/4 pound pieces and ground on roast for sausage. Now we have enough pork meat for the winter. I am looking forward to the deer I hope to get a neighbor to snag for me this fall.

      Remember to stock up on toiletries and hygiene, toothpaste too before mid-september….I don’t like how the financial market is taking a downturn and if it continues, then those basic non-food necessities will be going up in price soon.

      May the Storage Be with you! 🙂


  5. We live in Cache Valley(County), Ut. I found out about your book on LDSAVOW and went right to Amazon and ordered it. Loving it so far, and think I will keep loving it. 😃.


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